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My name is Ryan Stimers and my career is making sculptures out of wire. 


The majority of sculptures that I do are about the right size to sit in the palm of your hand. They are made

from wire that is .06 inches thick. I also do "Full sized" sculptures, such as the 7 foot corgi shown here,

which is built from .5 inch steel rods. 


I began constructing sculptures out of wire when i was 12 years old. For a challenge, I constructed each one from only a single piece. Over the years, I found that the use of a single wire really delights the public. When they browse

my sculptures, I often hear them telling each other with pride, "and he makes them with just one piece!" 


On a personal level, the "single piece of wire" technique forces me to do "more with less" and it gives the sculpture

 a sense of identity. Instead of making art which is like detailed oil paintings, I make art which is like fine cartoons (cartoons are one of my passions)


Enjoy my site!


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